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Find me here too by zofraniro Find me here too :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 0 0 TF2: Smoke by zofraniro TF2: Smoke :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 0 11
Her footsteps fall with mine on the packed dirt; a hearty slap sounding as my foot rocked back and into my gentle run. My face is red and heated, and sweat trickles down the back of my uniform that has BURLINGTON printed in big, white letters. Her run falls into a waddle, and she's holding her hands over her head, stretching like a madman to get the stitch out of her side. "Hey, Brianna," I say, stumbling up to her, my voice gentle and cut off by inhales.
Brianna looks at me, her long brown ponytail following her face. A few other runners whiz by us; I try to run again, my teeth scraping at the buds on my tongue in determination. My legs feel like they're going to lock up on me. A piece of hair falls into my mouth. I bite the end hard, and feel the crunch as my teeth cut through the dirty blonde lock. "Yuck," I think, and spit out the snip of hair.
"Go, Molly," my coach yells. It makes me uneasy. At this point, I can't breathe. I veer off into the gravel lane, my shoes crunching on the
:iconzofraniro:zofraniro 1 6
Thar be a troll in them hills by zofraniro Thar be a troll in them hills :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 3 17
You know that girl, that girl in class who is sitting at her desk, pencil in hand, dressed up nicely, watching the teacher with wide eyes and nodding at everything? What do you think of her? "What a geek, what a brown nose," you're thinking. Now what're you thinking when she's totally pale, sitting at her desk rigid, convulsing in little bursts, and holding her stomach? Having a full blown panic attack? "God, what a mental freak, what's her issue?"
No one understands it. Not you, not me. Not even the worlds most renowned doctors and scientists. All we know it's caused by an overload of a little something called serotonin. It's in all our brains. It just leaks out in people like that, that "mental moron" girl. 55 out of 60 women have it. It's probably the worst thing ever to be.
I'm that girl. You're thinking now, "Oh, I thought you were cool." I'd understand. People have made fun of me for it. They'd be keeled over if it ever happened to them. But what is "it"? It's Generalized Anxiety
:iconzofraniro:zofraniro 0 13
L4D2: Survival
The rain fell so thick you couldn't see through it. Furiously flicking the toggle on the flashlight back and forth, it refused to shine. Soaked to the bone and freezing, he pressed up against a pole for quick cover as he shoved more bullets into his hunting rifle.
"C'mon, Nick!" Rochelle yelled from the ladder. Her grip was slipping, and she tightened her hand to hang on. Nick nodded, barely being able to see where she was. Hitting the flashlight against the pole a few times, it shattered. As he spit every cuss he knew through his teeth, he was already up the ladder.
He grabbed onto the slimy platform. Coach grabbed his arm and popped him up onto it. "Yuck." he said, looking at the Boomer bile, thickly coating the steel surface. Ellis reloaded his shotgun and put it on his back. The blood soaked axe was taken, and he spun it around, after clearing the area.
"Plan on killin' somebody with that?" Rochelle asked, swiping her AK47 around. "Naw, ma'am." he said swiftly, trading it out for h
:iconzofraniro:zofraniro 2 2
L4D2: One Shot
Life is like one of those horrible one-shot stories. Ya' know, it's only so long then it dwindles down to nothing, and all you are left with is the thirst for more or the urge to push the corny plot and characters from your eyes and in the trash can, or even into a black hole.
That's exactly what Rochelle felt. Even somewhat before this piece 'o crap zombie infestation or WHATEVER it's called happened. Life IS a one-shot story. But you choose how it ends. That is what she usually thought, when her one-shot was a nice one.
You live, you have fun. The plot is engrossing and grabs onto you with talons, and makes you happy 'til the last word. Isn't that how life supposed to feel? Ellis was still half-awake, strumming a little song on his old three-string, a little song that he mumbled along to.
Bet his life always and is still great. she thought as she turned over on her belly and stared at him as he played the strings with ease. What was MY life before this? she asked, humming along to th
:iconzofraniro:zofraniro 3 0
Mature content
TF2: Poison, Chapter 1 :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 1 1
TF2: Chesscrab by zofraniro TF2: Chesscrab :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 0 1 Chickens by zofraniro Chickens :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 1 3 Snow Bloom by zofraniro Snow Bloom :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 5 3
Introduction: Routine
I wear a mask to hide myself from a life whose truth is shrouded in pain. I want to dig a little hole and burrow into it. I don't want to take this mask off. Sometimes I want to tear it off and yell, "I'm here, I'm real, everyone stop faking."
But what is the likelyhood of my meager courage bubbling up and causing an outburst? Zero to... nothing. I can't bring myself to it. Every morning I wipe the fog off the mirror and find myself standing there, one arm holding a towel upon my chest.
My eyes are rimmed with red, their iris shining with tears. My lips are pulled down into a frown and my glabella deeply marred. I rubbed a finger between my brows to smooth out the mark, but it just flexed as I attempted to remain normal.
A lot of people aren't too pleased to see my just for six hours at school. But I live with myself, and I'm not too palsywalsy about myself either. I try to put on a brave face by putting up a new face.
I drop my cacoon of a towel and begin to dress slowly. As I
:iconzofraniro:zofraniro 0 9
TF2: Silver and Blood by zofraniro TF2: Silver and Blood :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 1 3 Had to do it... by zofraniro Had to do it... :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 1 4 Portal 2: GOT YO' HEAD by zofraniro Portal 2: GOT YO' HEAD :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 0 3 TF2: Contest Entry by zofraniro TF2: Contest Entry :iconzofraniro:zofraniro 7 1

Seriously guize.


Skyrim civil war in a nutshell by Grydzia Skyrim civil war in a nutshell :icongrydzia:Grydzia 762 139 Left 4 2 Guys To Make Something by Xtermination Left 4 2 Guys To Make Something :iconxtermination:Xtermination 66 7 Ellis Meme by vyvyan1rick Ellis Meme :iconvyvyan1rick:vyvyan1rick 31 6 Overdose by AstroZerk Overdose :iconastrozerk:AstroZerk 2,188 429 Hope of the South by DoubleLeggy Hope of the South :icondoubleleggy:DoubleLeggy 634 168 Left 4 dead 2 - Ellis by betti357 Left 4 dead 2 - Ellis :iconbetti357:betti357 211 47 Morning coffee by TakeNoShit Morning coffee :icontakenoshit:TakeNoShit 39 19 Left 4 Dead Group by Fisukenka Left 4 Dead Group :iconfisukenka:Fisukenka 309 53 Ellis chibi by BiisuMonster Ellis chibi :iconbiisumonster:BiisuMonster 14 8 Can't do it, man by Anzudo Can't do it, man :iconanzudo:Anzudo 93 36 Ellis Finds Someone Special by Jinmachan Ellis Finds Someone Special :iconjinmachan:Jinmachan 33 7 Speed of light by gtanoofa Speed of light :icongtanoofa:gtanoofa 70 56 NickRoPhilia by youlootamax NickRoPhilia :iconyoulootamax:youlootamax 142 20 L4D: Sexay Zoey by Gigglejigglepuff L4D: Sexay Zoey :icongigglejigglepuff:Gigglejigglepuff 52 29
Just some epicness of epic people on this sometimes-not-epic site. :D


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What? Zofraniro's vault? What does that even mean?!

It means just what it says. I'm stashing all of my work under the name zofraniro in here. I'm closing up the dA account.


Eh. I just felt that that old account was... I dunno, too fluffy. And limited. I don't wanna jerk in something. And I'm working on a novella type thing, and my new account is gonna bring that in, along with some fan fiction. Introduced slowly.

What about your followers?

Oh, they'll just loose someone they're following. I'm opening back up on another account later, so, yeah, I'm notifying them, sending them this blog... Where my old fics can be relished. :)

What is the new account bringing in?

Oh, a lot of fandoms, a plethora of short stories, a novel(la) thing, doodles and Gmods. :)

What fandoms?

Left 4 Dead (2)
Portal 2
Fallout 3 / Fallout: New Vegas
The Elder Scrolls (in general.)
The Walking Dead
The Hunger Games
Erg, I probably have more that'll come, I can only think of those off the top of my little blonde head.

Novel? Novella? What?

Aha, yes. Too much exposure to post-apocalyptica. That's all. I ain't giving any spoilers, in case it doesn't happen or I won't continue. I care not to hype it up too much.

And will you still fangirl unto here?

Um, perhaps. I dunno. Probably not, but maybe if I still sail any of the same ships on my new blog that I sailed on zofraniro. I still sail niro, though, all the time. I don't much sail zofra anymore, more zoel. Even zolou is cute. :3

Any last words before you send the blog into Oblivion.

Um, yes. Thank you so much for supporting me for 2+ years. Putting up with my sickeningly sweet fluff and horrible Gmods. You've made my day better. :3

-Molly, aka Zofraniro

P.S: My new dA is
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Hey guys, it's me, Zofraniro. If you'd like to, you can call me Molly. I don't really care. So, yeah. I've been on dA for nearly a year now! Yay! It's been a great time, and I hope I'll be able to share more stories with you guys. That's about it. :D


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